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"Word of mouth is the highest praise for a job well done. My reputation and my clients satisfaction are how and why I have been in business all these years. The reviews and testimonials from my clients about my work, my work ethic and how I am to work with are offered below. To all of my clients, Thank you. "  ~Tricia

I needed a logo and business card design for my wholesale tropical fish breeding business, a friend recommended Tricia Contala. Tricia talked with me about my business and she nailed it! She drew a perfect "Classic" Angelfish , designed a unique layout with great colors. It was better than I thought it could be. If you need a logo, business card design or a web site, call Tricia, she is the BEST!

Andy - Breeder of Freshwater Angelfishes and owner of Tropical Fish Classics

I was pleased to see that Tricia took a personal interest in my business when she went to work on my Logo. Getting to know the business made a decided improvement in logo design choice as compared to what I had been offered by others. She is professional all the way. I would recommend her to anyone looking to add a logo or upgrade an existing logo.

D. Parker Hawkins Owner, You Call The Shots - Photography

I needed a look to express my consulting and spirituality. Tricia not only provided the web site lay out, she designed graphics and a logo absolutely perfect to my purpose. She also advised me (web page ignorant as I was) where to purchase my site(s), what to name them, and page content. My site is now well known among my peers due to her professional, quality and timely work. Thank You Tricia! I know I could NOT have done it without you. I recommend no one else.

Cindy Wilson, owner Tarot By Olympias


Many thanks for all your good work. Now it's down to me to advertise the site and get the forum populated.

Warm Regards
Oliver -
United Kingdom

New Site: WOW!

It is beautiful. Exceptionally nice work!!!!!! Thank you so much! I will shortly send the address to friends in order to generate hits.
Talk soon
Russ Wright- Owner RavenWind Retreat
Weeds, New Mexico

Astro Window
       I highly recommend the Web Design Services of Tricia Contala.  This individual is knowledgeable, reliable, easy to work with and very creative.  Tricia transformed my ideas and vision into a workable, useable web site; one that reflected the image I wanted to present to the public.  Because Tricia has a working knowledge of the Internet, she was a great help to me in marketing my web site on the Internet.  Truly, Tricia Contala is a unique web designer; she cares about her clients and about their success.  See for yourself; visit my web site

 Thank You Tricia Contala
Carol Sandy

Virtually Assisted

    Tricia's work expresses her inner self, the beauty, sensitivity and the professionalism needs no words to describe the work, the care and the heart that is put into each aspect of her work. Tricia just makes the concepts come to life... after all there are so many web designers out there, how many can say that their work speaks for them. Go reach for the stars dear for they surely belong to you.


The Earthwise Realms

     The website that Tricia designed and built for us is exactly what I wanted. It is not only beautiful but also very user friendly and easy to navigate. She managed to take the ideas and information from my head and create a wonderful and informative place. I would highly reccommend Tricia's work to anyone.            

Robin Johnson Lowe
for The Earthwise Realms

Elite Solutions


    We wanted to say thank you for the wonderful design and layout of our website. It is absolutely perfect! We constantly come up with new ideas, and our website is always a work in progress, which you helped us through with creative ideas, suggestions, and you're always there when we need you. Thank you again for the terrific work!
Elite Solutions, Inc

Skeen-Wilson Consulting and
Tarot By Olympias

     I have not only observed the work of Patricia Contala, but also been one who has benefited from her talents and skills.  Tricia's work is well above the norm for web design.  The thoughtfulness and care that she puts into each assignment truly shows in each, unique design.  I have not seen any two websites that are alike.  Each have their own distinct individuality.
In a day where mass production seems to be the answer for everything, Tricia brings a freshness and energy not commonly found in other designers.  As an independent software consultant, I highly recommend without any reservations to others.

Tricia is also extremely gifted in working with others, especially those not completely well versed in web design or the market trends.  Her patience and eye for detail helped me immensely in the creation of my own website for which Tricia is solely responsible for creating.  She held my hand from start to finish; from web address to pages and content.  I am grateful for her business sense and her expertise.  I have two other businesses I will be contracting Tricia to create web sites for me in the near future.  I would trust no one else.
I may be contacted directly if there are any questions or further comments are requested.

~Skeen-Wilson Consulting and
Tarot By Olympias
Roswell, NM
(505) 624-2126

Fashion Hut
Tanning Hut
Belly rings, apparel and tanning salon

    Tricia is a very, and I mean a very, talented women who can create a web site that you could only imagine.  Her graphics are amazing and her use of her imagination is endless.  She works with you every step of the way.  If your not a whiz on the computer, it doesn't matter, she'll help in anyway she can to create a site that you'll be happy with and answer all your questions along the way. Besides that, you can trust her.  She is a woman, who definitely has a conscious and a heart of gold. She is truly a gifted web designer as well as, a remarkable person.

Lia Monforte -Store Owner
Fashion Hut/Tanning Hut
Avenel, NJ

Night Sirens

    Working with Tricia Contala was a pleasure. Not only did we get an absolutely beautiful, class A web site, the response to the web site is unbelievable. Not knowing much about the process of web site creation,  we were treated with patience and understanding. All of our concerns and questions were promptly answered.  (Something unheard of in this day and age.)

When the first pages were sent for to us for approval, we couldn't believe the rich look of the site, the unbelievable graphics, and the ease in which others would be able to access the site.Tricia Contala is an award winning designer in our book and we will keep recommending this company to others for all there web related needs.

~Sebestiana Serraglio
Night Sirens
Nashville, TN

Malcolm L Scott
Published Author

    Tricia Contala became my friend when I realized what a truly honest and talented woman she is. Her own writings were my first indication of the tremendous talent she possesses and brings to any accepted challenge. I subsequently became aware of her work as a refined Web mistress when I compared her toils to that performed elsewhere across the net. I quickly became suitably impressed.I know from personal experience that Tricia Contala delves into the minutest of details to ensure only the finest possible product goes out with her name on it. My opinion is that you may arguably find a better price...But never a better product at twice the price.
~ Malcolm L Scott~ Author
Ottawa, Canada

Marvin Entertainment
Independent Film and
Entertainment Company

I have had the privilege not only of being touched by her artwork, but the discovery of the beauty behind it.

Miss Contala has worked tirelessly to make my website all that I had ever hoped for and the results I am achieving are a direct result of it.

If you have ever thought about the need for a website, look no further!

David Marvin
Marvin Entertainment

The Fyre

"Your work, and pleasant personality was such a pleasure to work with, I will recommend you to everyone I know!
Talk about talent! And fast too! "
Private Group Site
~The Fyre Staff

I believe that the quality of work that has been done by you is not only excellent but exceedingly useful to anyone who has the need for superb webpage designs. Congratulations and best to you and your hard work and elegance of presentations. I highly recommend you to my friends who are looking for such quality and service.

~Walter Hendricks
New York

One of the few tasteful and classy sights I have viewed. The messages are clear and not overshadowed by the graphics, as is the case in some websites. I find the website mistress to be more concerned in her clients then in herself, as should be in this business.

South Carolina

Very talented Webmaster... keep up the good work!

Justin Cary
Union, NJ

Very artistic. Colors are brilliant. She does good work and would recommend to anyone needing a webpage.

Memphis TN

Thoughts from Visitors

Her artist representation is more than amazing, it's almost spiritual. I commissioned an art piece for my wife. Which came out absolutely stunning. Thank you Tricia. You are a very talented and beautiful woman! ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


 Extraordinary images and perception; the sheer beauty and memorizing graphics

Ms. Contala is one of the most talented and prolific artists I have had the privilege to know. She is an artist, web page designer, poet and one of the most sincerely *nice* people of the world. Your work is stunning and I hope to collect all your work and show off. One day, I can truthfully say, I knew her when... Best of luck my friend and good fortune be with you always. ( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Roswell, NM

I think Tricia Contala is very talented. Her Zodiac line is absolutely beautiful. It's mysterious and memorizing. Took my breath away when I saw them. She has a true gift. Each one is better than the next. ( Tricia's Art Gallery)

New Jersey

The feelings generated by the images - and the stirring of ancient memories....
I feel many of the images could inspire and illustrate a poem - or maybe a story.......( Tricia's Art Gallery)


Your artwork is truly exceptional, and very vibrant! =)( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Des Moines, Iowa

I was stunned to see the beauty of your work. The clarity and vision is breathtaking. Its difficult to describe but its like a journey into my dreams.( Tricia's Art Gallery)


I think your work is awarding winning quality. Anyone would be happy to hire you! ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


Dear Tricia, It so much fun to sit back, relax and look at your pictures and start to dream. I will return and enjoy.
( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Gabriele Engels

Really good art. I have no idea how you come up with so many good ideas. ( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Wolfgang Heydrich
Virtsu, Estonia

Your artwork is simply breathtaking, and I enjoyed viewing your obvious given talent. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with others in this internet world :) ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


The depth of your thoughts and expressions.So thought provoking and alive. . . beyond words . . .Thank You ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


Thanks for your enchanting work
( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Your art is beautiful -
Thank you. ET ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


The designs and the heartfelt visuals of your prose... Your work is Wondrous!!! ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


A very nice body of work! )
( Tricia's Art Gallery)

North Carolina

Your work captures the magic and romance of peoples dreams. The themes and graphics are truly phenomenal. Thanks for sharing them with us. ( Tricia's Art Gallery)

Cleveland, Ohio

What romantic imagery and intimacy ( Tricia's Art Gallery)


very talented, very diverse and interesting. my pleasure to be able to see this excellent work.
( Tricia's Art Gallery)
new york city, ny


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